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    I lost my account!
    If you’ve previously connected your game to an ATA ID, you can sign in with that to recover your existing account. (Please note that you won't be able to recover your account from the Beta!)

    To log into your ATA ID, follow the instructions below:
    1. Tap on the Phone tab on the bottom right hand of your screen.
    2. Tap on Settings.
    3. Tap on 'Sign in with ATA ID'.
    4. Enter your ATA ID information.​

    If that doesn't work, or if you haven't connected your account, please make a temporary new account and contact us via Phone > Settings > Get Help!

    How do I transfer my account to another device?
    If you still have access to the game on your original device, please create an ATA ID for it. You can do this from your Phone >Settings (gear icon) -> “Sign in with ATA ID”. Once you set that up, you can go ahead and open Single City on your new device, and log in with the service you registered with to recover your account.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us through in-game help or Discord!

    Can I delete/reset my account?
    If you send in a request to delete or reset your account, we will be able to help you out! Contact us through in-game help or Discord!

    How do I reset my ATA ID Password?
    Please contact in-game support (Phone > Settings > Get Help) for assistance with resetting your password.

    Can I have multiple accounts on one device?
    Currently, we only support one account per device. To avoid losing your account, we recommend connecting your account to an ATA ID.

    To sign up for an ATA ID, follow the instructions below:
    1. Tap on the Phone tab on the bottom right hand of your screen.
    2. Tap on Settings.
    3. Tap on 'Sign in with ATA ID'.
    4. Enter your ATA ID information.


    I made a purchase during the Beta – will I be reimbursed?
    Once you have updated to the soft launch version of Single City, go to Phone > Settings > Sign In With ATA ID. From here, create a new ATA ID with the same email as the one you made during the Beta.

    If you have an existing ATA ID from playing Party In My Dorm, Kingdoms of Heckfire or Kingdoms at War, please use the same email as that existing ATA ID.

    If you haven’t received reimbursement a few days after the reset, please reach out to [ATA]Marceline on Discord, or send in a help ticket (Phone > Settings > Get Help).

    My purchase hasn’t shown up in my game!
    Purchases are usually processed instantly, but sometimes there can be some delays. When these delays occur, there’s no need to try purchasing again - your items should arrive in your game soon!

    This is because all of the purchases made in our games are processed by Google/Apple first, and then communicated to us. This is usually fairly quick, but in certain cases it can take up to 24 hours to process some purchases.

    Try restarting the game, and if you still do not receive the purchased items after some time has passed, please let us know. Thanks!

    Can I get a refund?
    All purchases are handled by our purchase providers (Apple/Google) and are then relayed to us. Because of that, consumable items and other in-app purchases are not eligible for a refund once they are delivered.

    If an item was purchased in error, please contact us through in-game help prior to using the item and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Please note that any unauthorized chargebacks may result in suspension for violation of our Terms of Use. Thanks for understanding.


    My game’s loading bar is stuck/slow!
    If it's your first time loading up Single City, it may take longer than usual to download all the game info and assets. Load times also vary depending on your location! Please give the game as long as it may take to load up.

    If it still doesn’t load after some time, you may have run into a downloading issue. Please delete and reinstall the app, if so! If you continue to run into issues, feel free to reach out through Discord.

    My game is slow!
    Sorry to hear that! There are many possible reasons why an app runs slowly, but here are a few things you can try:
    • Force close and relaunch your app
    • Try a different internet connection
    • Check if your device has sufficient RAM. We suggest a minimum of 1GB RAM
    • Try not to switch back and forth between apps while playing

    My game is crashing!
    Currently, devices with under 1GB RAM may experience issues with the game. Optimizing the game is one of our top priorities, so we hope to improve your experience in the days to come. At this point, we suggest you make sure your game is up to date, and not to have too many concurrent apps running with the game.

    However, if you’re crashing in specific areas of the game (eg. the game always crashes when you try to upgrade), or if you suspect it may not be a memory issue, let us know through in-game help and we’ll be happy to help you!


    What am I not allowed to say in game? / Why did I get silenced?

    Here’s the tl;dr version:
    DO be respectful (some trash talk is understandable, but see below)
    DO NOT post content that is illegal, inappropriate, sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar, hateful, or otherwise discriminatory in nature
    DO NOT bypass the filters (don't spell out censored words)
    DO NOT spam
    DO NOT share personal information
    DO NOT sell things or advertise third party services​

    We reserve the right to restrict in-game features (such as messaging) at our discretion if an account is found to be violating our code of conduct. Repeated or severe violations may result in account suspension or termination. Please check the Disciplinary Action Guidelines found in the forums for more details.

    For more details, please refer to the full Gaming Policy and Terms of Use.

    How do I report someone?
    You can report a player by taking a screenshot of the violation and posting it to the #violation-reports channel on Discord. You may also report players through in-game help.

    Please note that reports will only be responded to if more information is needed for our investigation.

    Can I share / buy / sell accounts?
    Sharing, purchasing, and selling accounts are not permitted. Please note that accounts found to do so will no longer be supported, and may result in termination of access to your account.

    What is your Privacy Policy?
    The Privacy Policy can be found here.

    What are your Terms of Service?
    Our terms of use can be found here.

    What do you mean by "be respectful"?
    Single City is an online community consisting of players from various backgrounds. We want to ensure all of our players can have fun and feel safe in our games. Although the game is competitive by nature, please do your best to keep conversations respectful!

    Language that promotes discrimination or hatred towards individuals or groups due to ethnicity, nationality, gender, orientation, or disability will not be tolerated.

    Additionally, you cannot abuse, bully, spam, threaten, or stalk other players or encourage others to do so.

    You cannot encourage or advocate violence against others, or promote / encourage self harm.

    If somebody is posting offensive content, please do not respond and report them to us.

    How do I contact the Single City team?
    For support inquiries, you can reach out to us via in-game help (Phone > Settings > Get Help). We are available during business hours (Pacific Standard Time) everyday. You can also check out the Forums or Discord to see if the community can answer your questions as well!


    Your question isn't on the FAQ?
    Let us know through in-game help (Phone > Settings > Help) or on Discord!​
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