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  1. What’s this game about?
    Single City is a unique strategy game where building the best Hype House is the ultimate goal! Flirt, flex, and flaunt your way through encounters in the big city, causing drama for your rivals while you gather followers. More friends and followers means more clout, which means more power!

    I’m new here! What do I do?
    When you get started, Gigi will guide you on what you should do next through dialogue and tutorial. Begin by renovating Rooms in your House, buying some Furniture and meeting new Roomies!

    If you get stuck, the Stories button (with Gigi on it) on the top right hand of your screen will tell you what to do next!

    This is overwhelming and exciting! Can you give me a breakdown?
    Your life’s goal is to top the Trending boards and build the most influential Hype House in Single City!

    Here’s what a typical day in the life of a Single Citizen can be like…

    In your Hype House:
    • Renovating and upgrading Rooms in your home!
    • Moving in new Roomies to build the coolest Hype House yet!
    • Investing into your Roomies’ personal development!
    • Buying furniture and decorating your home and your Roomie Rooms!
    • Finishing courses at Single City Academy to unlock new features and boost your growth!
    • Collecting cash from your office (#passiveincomelife)!
    • Earning followers, building Influence and fighting off Drama!

    In the City:
    • Collaborate… or cause Drama!
    • Form new friendships, meet cool people and start a Crew!
    • Complete missions with your Crew!
    • Get some Side Hustles started!
    • Compete in Contests and earn prizes!

    You can find the Contest tab on the top right of your screen. These unlock after you complete the tutorial! Contests are events you can participate in by yourself, with your Crew, or against other players, to earn sweet rewards and build more Influence throughout Single City!

    What are House Points and how do I get more of them?
    House Points are a total of your Influence and Followers. The more House Points you have, the higher you will be on the Single City Trending leaderboard!

    Earn more Influence and Followers and you’ll increase your House Point total!

    What is Influence and how do I get more of it?
    Influence is a measure of your core progression through Single City and a key part of your total House Points, which determines how you measure up against other players.

    To increase Influence, you can do the following:

    • Upgrade Rooms in your House!
    • Upgrade furniture in your House!
    • Move in and grow your Roomies!
    • Complete research in Single City Academy!

    Influence is unlootable so once you have it, no one can take it from you! Your Influence won’t decrease unless you unequip furniture from your House.

    How do I gain more Followers?
    You can earn them from Activities in the City such as the Basketball courts and Dance floor sites, with additional sources coming in the future! You can also loot them (or have them be looted from you!) via PVP encounters.

    How do I use my energy / resource tokens?
    You can access your resource and energy tokens by tapping the respective icon at the top of your screen. For example, if you wanted to add more Pizza, tapping on the pizza icon at the top will allow you to see and use your Pizza tokens. You can tap on the ‘Get More’ button to refill these resources!

    How do you get more Roomies?
    You can meet a new Roomie once you’ve collected 10 Pops for that specific Roomie. One of the best ways to get Roomie Pops is from opening Roomie Powerup and Lux Roomie Powerup Boxes in the Store! Complete Daily contests and earn Keys to open these Boxes!

    What's the difference between Roomie Levels, Star Tiers and Talents?

    Leveling up your Roomies improves their base stats (Fitness, Wit, Charm, Luck, and Style). Leveling up requires Roomie XP Bars.. XP Bars can be earned by completing collab encounters, or from other rewards such as Boxes and Contests.

    At every 10 levels, you’ll need to upgrade your Roomie’s Star Tier before they can level up any further. . You can upgrade your Roomie’s Star Tier by using Roomie Stars of the corresponding rarity. Roomie Stars can be earned from opening up Roomie Power Up Boxes, but they also have a chance of dropping from PVE (Collabs/Drama) or other rewards!

    Upgrading up your Roomie’s Star Tier does two things:

    • It unlocks 10 additional levels.
    • In most cases, it unlocks a new Talent!

    Talents are powerful abilities that can give your Roomie an edge in all sorts of encounters. They are crucial if you want to make it to the top! Once a Talent is unlocked, you get Level 1 of that Talent as a freebie. Level up your Roomie’s Talents to become the most powerful by investing Roomie Pops.

    Lastly, equipping and upgrading your Roomies’ furniture will also give your Roomie encounter boosts!

    How do I get more Furniture?
    The best way to earn furniture is through Contests! You can earn Furniture Box Keys and Home Decor Coins from Contests, which you can use to unlock Furniture Boxes or purchase individual pieces of Furniture from the Store.

    You can purchase Furniture directly for Gems by tapping on the Furniture slot in your Home or Roomie room.

    You can also purchase furniture from the Store:

    • Furniture Boxes will cost Gems and give you a random assortment of furniture.
    • The Interior Design section of the Store offers different furniture for 24 hours, which you can purchase through Home Decor Tokens. This selection resets at noon Pacific Time daily.

    What’s the difference between Tiering Up and Levelling Up my furniture?

    For Home Furniture:

    • Level - boosts your furniture’s stats. Costs Cash.
    • Tier - unlocks 10 new levels for that piece of furniture. Costs upgrade materials gained through recycling your furniture.
    For Roomie Furniture:
    • Level - boosts that furniture’s stats. Costs Cash.
    • Tier - unlocks 10 new levels for that piece of furniture, in some cases, unlocks brand new stats depending on the rarity of that furniture piece! Costs upgrade materials gained through recycling your furniture

    How do I recycle furniture?
    To unlock the Recycling feature, you first have to complete the Decor Know How story quest. This will teach you how to Recycle your furniture! Once you have completed that, Recycling is simple! Tap on the furniture item, then tap on 'Recycle' to recycle your item!

    How can I send more than one Roomie out in the City?
    You can increase the number of Roomies out in the City by doing ‘Multitasking’ research in Single City Academy!

    What do Allies do?
    Allies give bonuses that improve your stats during Collabs and Drama encounters!

    To get more Allies, go to Phone > Allies! On this page, you’ll be able to search for Allies by username, and see Ally activities.

    Gaining Allies requires Reputation tokens. You can earn Reputation from rewards or from Activities in the city.

    Why should I attack (Cause Drama to) other players? What’s the point?
    Players have certain protection caps on their resources, but if they go over those caps they are available for plunder! If you attack them and win, you can steal those resources for yourself. This is one of the main reasons for attacking players.

    How do I earn more Cash?

    You can gain Cash in several ways:
    • Passively through your Office in your Home (once it's renovated)
    • As rewards through Collabs throughout the City
    • Through Side Hustles (collecting cash at different locations with your Roomies)
    • Buying Cash Tokens at the Store!
    • Collecting Cash from time-based Activities in the Realm

    What are Story Tokens and how do I earn them?
    Story Tokens unlock the stories that are being lived out by different characters living in Single City! You can earn Story Tokens by completing the Daily Contests. You win Daily Contests by achieving tasks under Daily Roomies, Home and City.

    How do I join a Crew?
    You can join a Crew but tapping on Phone > Crews! Select one you’d like to join and apply from there! You can also find Crews by going to the Trending page and tapping on the Top Crews tab.

    Where is my Crew page?
    You can access your Crew page by tapping on Phone > Crews.

    How do I leave my Crew?
    To leave your Crew, go to your Crew Page (Phone > Crew) then tap on Settings. You'll see the Leave button!

    You can find another Crew by browsing either the Crew page or the Top Crews leaderboard on the Trending page (Phone > Trending).


    Your question isn't on the FAQ?

    Let us know through in-game help (Phone > Settings > Help) or on Discord!
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