How do I get fabulous Anita Mojito

Discussion in 'Guides' started by MommyB, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. I cannot find the fabulous Anita. I have looked all over every time I have the option to add a new roommate she doesn’t come up. Please help before this is gone.
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  2. The Anita quest won’t expire. Most of us still are working on it. You can’t find her in the map, you have to unlock her like the other roomies. To unlock a roomie you must get lucky and collect their Pops (shards). When you have enough you’ll unlock her. I replied to a comment you made on another thread, but she’s Legendary so you’ll have to wait on luck. You’ll have a better chance by opening Roomie Shakers which are sometimes available during events. Don’t get discouraged, there’s plenty of great Epic roomies instead. I’ve been playing for awhile and only have 2/10 to unlock Anita.
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  3. So i had 0 pops for Anita but today, i got her from a lvl 2 lux roomie box. It was surprising!
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  4. I haven’t got legendary roomie pops since I started this game almost a year ago
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  5. Same
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