CURRENT EVENT 🌵 Desert Roads (Free) and American Routes (VIP) 🌵

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    🌵 Desert Roads (Free) 🌵
    🌵 American Routes (VIP) 🌵

    July 4th, 2024 - July 17th, 2024
    2:00 PM Pacific Time

    Welcome Camila, our ✨NEW✨ Legendary Roomie to Single City with our newest event!


    ‼️ IMPORTANT ‼️
    Event Contests which include Rainbow Drinks will be available until 2024-07-17, at 1:00 PM PT.

    Players will have an extra 24 hours after that to collect their event rewards, until 2024-07-18, at 2:00 PM PT.

    Earn points in the Desert Roads (Free) and American Routes (VIP) events by collecting Adventurous Drinks, which can be earned from a special Event contest each day and from opening Drink Shakers in the store!


    Collect these from Daily Event Contests + Drink Shakers to earn event points!


    Drink Shakers! Open these using Rainbow Drink Tickets to get Rainbow Drinks.

    Drink Shakers will be available in the Store until 2024-07-17 at 2 PM PT with Adventurous Drinks in them.
    After that, they will be available until 2024-07-22 at 2 PM PT without Adventurous Drinks.

    How to get Adventurous Drink Tickets:
    Completing stars in the Free and VIP event contests
    🌵 Or purchase them directly from the Store through IAPs
    Get back to your roots and with the American Routes (VIP) event!
    Unlock this VIP event by purchasing the American Routes VIP Invitation offer in the Store!



    This brand ✨NEW✨ Roomie is authentically adventurous in all the right ways ✨🌵

    Camila is a road-tripping travel influencer who takes her followers with her all over the country! From hiking steep trails, to sampling strange cuisine, to roughing it in the most remote locations—there’s nothing this fearless adventurer won’t try once.


    Adventurous Roomie Boxes to be opened with Adventurous Roomie Credits!

    Earn Adventurous Roomie Credits the following ways:
    🌵 Completing stars in the Free and VIP event contests
    🌵 Purchasing them directly from the Store through IAPs

    ☞ Completing 7-9* in Desert Roads
    ☞Create the Rainbow LB rewards
    ☞ Roomie Powerup Boxes Lv 2+
    Stand out from the crowd with this wanderlust-inspired furniture set:


    Wanderlust Roomie Furniture Set can be yours by:
    🌵 Opening Wanderlust Furniture Boxes
    🌵 Purchased directly through the Furniture Store with Gems
    06-06 to 06-19 at 1.00 PM PT.


    Earn Wanderlust Furniture Credits the following ways:
    🐣 Completing stars in the Free and VIP event contests
    🐣 Purchasing them directly from the Store through IAPs


    You'll need Leaderboard Tokens to buy Leaderboard Store rewards!


    Collect Leaderboard Tokens by...

    🌵 Placing 1st-15th in the Event Dailies leaderboard
    🌵 Placing 1st-500th in the Free Meta Event leaderboard

    Leaderboard Tokens don't expire! You can exchange Leaderboard Tokens in the Limited section of the Leaderboard Store for the following prizes:


    Give your profile a touch of gentle sophistication with our adventurous avatars, Butch and Annie!
    You can get them in the Leaderboard Store for 2000 x Leaderboard Tokens each!


    Get creative with this Wanderlust Fridge!
    Available for 2400 x Leaderboard Tokens.

    - Adventure is waiting for YOU -

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    The Leaderboard Token-Exclusive Furniture is a Roomie Furniture that goes in the Creative Corner spot and a rarity of Epic.